About Us

PlatinX was formed with a vision to stay ahead of times and carve a niche for itself in today’s crypto ecosystem.

A team of market makers and trading firm, with more than a decade of expertise in Algo Software development and Quant Trading, joined hands with the best professionals from Blockchain and Fintech industry to form PlatinX.

We are all-in-one one solution for all crypto projects right from Market Making, DeFi, OTC Trading, Programmatic Execution, Crypto assets Options, Risk Management Liquidity Enhancement, Strong Order Book to Crypto exchange development.

PlatinX provides unprecedented services to its clientele helping them with safe access to crypto asset trading. Be it a financial institution looking to launch crypto or an institution wanting to establish an exchange or company adopting blockchain technology, we offer a trusted and accessible platform for expansive cryptoeconomy.


PlatinX is here to ensure you a simple approach to a complex crypto world with our valued expertise in the field that helps you achieve long-term investment goals.