BEP20 Token Development Company

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PlatinX Technology is helping companies transform their business through tokenization. Whether you want to select crypto token development company or set up a business structure through tokens seamlessly, we at PlatinX offer a range of innovative token development services on different blockchains such as Ethereum, TRON, Binance Smart Chain, etc.

Our process involves devising a mission-driven, comprehensive approach from selecting a precise blockchain to leveraging the internal architecture of the blockchain development company. Our work doesn’t stop there. We handle everything a client needs – Conceptualisation, Development, Pitch Deck, Marketing, Designing, and ICO Smart Contracts.

BEP20 Token Development

Binance Smart chain is highly configurable and adaptable for its set of a decentralized process. It has the highest block rate with a flexible tokenization option. Therefore, it is an increasingly popular platform for developing tokens. PlatinX Technology provides a BEP20 Token Development Company in India for those who want to leverage the advantages of BSC.

What is BEP20 Token?

Binance chain hosts BEP20 token standards which stand for Binance chain evolution proposal and provides the basic technical token framework. Developers use this framework to create tokens on the Binance chain.

BEP20 Token provides almost similar with some minor variations functionalities that are an ERC20 token. BEP20 is considered the standard for fungible tokens on Binance Smart Chain. This token manages other tokens by assuring tokens will be tradeable and setting a start amount. Some of the well-known BEP20 Tokens are –

  • • ALPHA
  • • BUSD
  • • WBNB
  • • SXP
  • • CAKE
  • • BURGER
  • • BUX

A brief outline of our Token development process –

  • 1. Finding the Node
  • 2. Installing custom RCP
  • 3. Gathering your BNB
  • 4. Creating a BEP20 Token

BEP20 Token Development Services

Obviously, this is a lengthy and complex procedure requiring a technical skill set. It requires multiple integration development.

  • • BSC Mainnet
  • • Wallet Integration
  • • Multi-coin Wallet
  • • Smart Contract code compilation
  • • Connecting to a BEP20 Node

Create your BEP20 token with the expert BEP20 Token Development Company in India

PlatinX Technology provides the best BEP Token Development company with the help of our versatile token developers. Tokens are paving the way for new revolutionary age where transactions would be transparent, anonymous, and without the interference of intermediaries. You can create a BEP20 token easily with the help of our knowledgeable, expert, and focused experts and developers of Blockchain Development company in India. The Blockchain development company has made it possible for businesses to provide better value to their clients and excellent services through tokens or crypto assets. PlatinX Technology as an expert BEP20 Token Development Company will help you transform your business or even raise funds through token development.

BEP20 with PlatinX Technology, a leading Token Development Company

BEP20 is one of the highly demanded tokens by the crypto token development company in India. It is the token standard for Binance Smart Chain which is a fast and low-cost blockchain. BEP20 token standards are similar to another popular token standard ERC20 on Ethereum’s Blockchain. BEP20 also works on Ethereum Virtual Machine bringing it into an efficient and robust environment. PlatinX Technology as a BEP20 token development company helps you build tokens that are easily scalable and provide cross-chain functionality too.