Crypto Asset Exchange Developer

Market maker and Crypto asset exchanges Developer providing deep liquidity in all markets

PlatinX works as market maker and crypto exchange developer for both new & established crypto exchanges. Exchanges often struggle with liquidity factor thereby deterring potential traders. The higher number of traders, the better is the performance/popularity of an exchange.

PlatinX plays an important role by enhancing liquidity and adding transparency through strong order book (bid/ask spread) which overalls leads to better trading experience. Traders can seamlessly trade in and out of position through our deep order book. With PlatinX, Crypto Exchanges can offer a tighter spread to the customer.

PlatinX also oversaw many projects as Crypto exchange developer. Our Blockchain development team provides customised and scalable crypto exchange platform with high focus on connectivity, security and great user interface.

Crypto Asset Exchanges Developer

As Crypto exchanges Developer, we provide services such as; Token creation, P2P Exchange development, Centralised & Decentralised development

How we serve crypto asset exchanges as Market Maker

  • • Strong Order Book
  • • Robust liquidity
  • • Market depth and max spread KPI’s
  • • API consultation
  • • Risk Management
  • • Customised Trading solutions

Crypto Asset Exchanges Developer for all types of crypto exchanges

We are experts in architecture complexity and scalability and deliver exchanges that have multiple interfaces and easy interoperability with highly secure payment gateways & wallet solutions. We provide customized solutions for all types of crypto exchanges –

Crypto asset exchanges developer for Centralized exchanges – Broker platform exchanges where middlemen authorize trading process in a trusted and secure environment

Crypto asset exchanges developer for Decentralized exchanges (DEX) – Blockchain-based, smart-contract powered trading platform to provide intermediary free & secure trading environment.

White Label Exchange Solutions

PlatinX Technology is a leading crypto asset exchanges developer where we provide turnkey projects to establish your crypto exchanges and gain a competitive edge over others. We are experts in the field of crypto solutions and blockchain applications. Our white label exchange developer services include customizable user interface with ready to deploy backend integrations. Our crypto exchanges software is rigorously tested and proven platform that is already established in the market.

Crypto asset exchange from scratch solutions

We are experienced and well-versed with knowledge to develop crypto exchanges that are secure and safe from attacks. Our team has the expertise to understand your vision and translate into a crypto exchange that is user-friendly, innovative with out of the box product offerings & support.

We provide end-to-end crypto exchange development solutions where we provide guidance in all the aspects such as Operations, Security, Technical Integrations, Legal, Liquidity and Financial aspects. Benefit from the expertise of the best crypto asset exchanges developer.