PlatinX is a one stop shop for all your crypto asset related requirements. We are a leading block chain development company which provides customised solution for all your crypto asset needs. Right from development of new crypto assets, to robust market making, or listing of the new crypto assets in the exchanges, we provide end to end solution to anything related crypto world. Our experience and team of dedicated block chain developers makes us one of the most sought after crypto asset management company in India. PlatinX caters to a wide spectrum of business domains and provides customised technologically advanced solutions to their needs. As leading block chain development company we provide following services under crypto asset management:

The coming of age features of PlatinX Algo Trading software makes it the obvious first choice of brokerage firms, investment companies, financial institutions, wanting to augment their financial portfolio and venture into the crypto ecosystem but lack experience.

1) Development of new crypto assets – Over the past few years we have become part of many crypto asset success stories of wide variety of business domains. Whether you want to develop a new crypto currency or looking for other crypto asset options, you name it, we have it!

2) Listing of new crypto assets on multiple exchanges – Apart from development of new crypto assets we also facilitate launching new crypto assets on multiple exchanges across crypto arena. w

3) Liquidity enhancement services – Liquidity simply means the ease with which the crypto asset can be converted into cash or exchanged with other asset. Better liquidity ensures that the crypto asset enjoys better stability and price in the market. Better liquidity also means higher trade volumes i.e. more number of people buying and selling the crypto asset. We employ well thought out strategies and software which ensure that the costs remain steady and the crypto asset enjoys stability and generate positive market sentiment.

4)Risk Management services – Apart from liquidity, risk Is another factor that we take care of. Our meticulously cut out hedging strategies provide protection against many kinds of risk surrounding crypto industry. We have expertise in handling fluctuations in price, increasing operational costs or even potential losses too. We ensure that the volatility and risk factors put profitability at risk and increase chances of losses.