Crypto Cross Exchange Trading Software

The market is today full options when it comes to exchange trading software. Every exchange is different and therefore their needs are also different. Access to quick money and failure-proof transactions are the primary requirements to survive in the highly volatile cryptocurrency exchange world. Our integration solutions come with assured robustness and expert intervention essential for the impregnable wallets. PlatinX crypto cross exchange trading software comes with great features and is made with highly sophisticated block chain technology.

Crypto Asset Exchanges Developer

Features of our crypto cross exchange trading software

1) Multi factor authentication to make the users feel safe and provide them safe access to their crypto accounts

2) SSL Certificates

3) Point to point Encryption for keeping the affairs strictly among authorised users only

4) Anti DDoS support – For cohesive working experience with other sites and the traffic coming from those sites

5) Anti Phishing

6) Biometric Verified Access

7) Browser detection support

8 )Firewall Application

9) HTTP Authentication

10) Data Encryption

11) Anti Denial of Service (DoS) to protect against hackers

12) Anti Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) to protect against any malicious attacks

13) Cross Site Request Forgery Protection