Crypto Market Making Services

We help kick-start new crypto assets & exchanges with crypto market making & liquidity services. Crypto market making involves providing liquidity by submitting both bid and ask limit orders.
PlatinX Technology provides crypto tokens and exchanges with proprietary scripts and algorithms to provide consistent spreads, healthy order books, and access to third-party ask-bid orders on other exchanges. It helps in democratizing liquidity and customization as per expected ROI. We use Machine Learning and high-frequency trading as well to deliver Crypto market making services.
New crypto assets usually face lots of challenges such as low liquidity, small trading volume, Price manipulation, little interest by investors and difficulty to get listed on major crypto exchanges, etc.
PlatinX crypto market making & crypto liquidity services involve providing liquidity on pre-agreed terms. With PlatinX your crypto asset can achieve higher trading volume, better interest generation from potential investors, lower chances of price manipulation, and higher liquidity too.

Crypto Market Making Services


About Crypto Market Making

Crypto Market making is providing liquidity for crypto assets/tokens/coins on centralized exchanges. This is done by quoting the buy and sell price of a crypto asset exchange developer simultaneously to bridge the gap between the buyers and sellers.

Who is a Crypto Market Maker?

Big institutions or brokerage houses with huge cash reserves act as a market makers for crypto and other securities by buying and selling crypto. They aim to keep financial markets liquid while also generating a profit for themselves. Market maker ensures that you get the needed volume at the asking price whenever you try to sell or vice versa. This helps in generating better investor interest in markets where trading is low and there is a wide gap between the sell and ask prices.

Automated Market Makers

Earlier when the technology was not as developed, Strong order book were manually initiated trades to increase liquidity. However, this caused slippage and price discovery latency and also at times price manipulation accusations. AMM removes these problems by using software and removing the human factor. With technology instant trade and transparency became possible.

Decentralized Market Making

Automated Market Making software does the work of providing liquidity in Decentralised Exchanges (DEX). There are algorithms that compute the price by using automated crypto trading platform places the bid. However, in DEX, traditional order books are replaced by liquidity pools composed of different crypto assets. AMMs quote the price between two digital assets simultaneously. Token holders place their tokens within this pool in AMM. Liquidity providers earn passive income on their deposits that is proportional to the percentage of liquidity they provide to a pool.

Market Making and Liquidity Software

Our software provides trading solutions and enhances liquidity through cutting-edge technology. Crypto assets suffer from low liquidity, therefore there is a huge need for market making. PlatinX Technology fulfils this need through Crypto market making services and customized AMM software. You can trade tokens, coins, and crypto pairs on multiple exchanges and liquidity pools through our AMM. Some of the benefits with crypto arbitrage bot software are pricing arbitrage, real-time monitoring, metrics including day trading volume, open volume on the market, and P&L.

Some of the benefits of the software are –

  • 1. Low Latency
  • 2. Safety
  • 3. Liquidity Access
  • 4. Easy UI
  • 5. Full Automation
  • 6. Web Interface

Why your token needs a Crypto Market Making Company?

A crypto market making company in india builds the foundation for your token or exchange to thrive. They play an essential role in increasing the liquidity of your token. Sometimes even the ‘wow’ factor of your token, the added benefits, a well-designed and brilliantly written white paper, an ambitious roadmap, and even good marketing, are not enough to get investors to flock to your token.

What can a Crypto Market Making Company do for your crypto project?

You launch your crypto with a bang and all the best features, utilities, the latest technology, and focused marketing, etc. Still, the token is not taking off at the exchange. Those who were investing in your token earlier, are now shying away because of the lack of liquidity.

Liquidity is also an important factor to focus on as is product development or marketing when you are ready to enter the crypto world. Crypto Market Making Company helps you with that aspect easily. Exchanges are more open to listing tokens that are attached with market making firms. The increased liquidity attracts even new and established investors. The higher the liquidity your token offers the better it is for professional investors & traders where they can use strategies that would be beneficial for all.

Crypto market making company gives your token the necessary push to make it to the big leagues. High volume is the magic your crypto project needs first and the high volume would boost investor confidence and drive in more traders and investors.

Crypto Market Making Firm for Token Project

PlatinX Technology as an accomplished digital asset market maker provides liquidity solutions for your token projects. New token projects and even established ones face many challenges even after giving the best product and services with their project. Some of the challenges which can hamper the growth of your crypto token are –

  • 1 Low Trading Volume
  • 2 Price Manipulation
  • 3 High Volatility
  • 4 High Bid-ask Spread

Due to these, your token would also face difficulty listing in crypto exchanges and hence less visibility and ultimately fiasco.

PlatinX Technology as one of the top crypto market makers helps your token get liquidity which results in increased trade volume, enhanced visibility, and ultimately the success of your project.

Crypto Market-Making Company for your ICO and STO Projects

Many times, even after the best token offerings, competitive solutions, range of utilities & high-end marketing, your ICO fails. The reason for that is your project is lacking the professional liquidity injection to make it highly attractive to investors. You need the services of a crypto market-making firm that specializes in liquidity enhancement for ICO and other token projects.

PlatinX Technology is one of the leading crypto market-making company in India that has the knowledge, skills, and required crypto experience to give your token the push that it needs. Our crypto market making services include crypto liquidity service, increased trading volume, better visibility of your token, listing on crypto exchanges, and stability to unwanted price fluctuations.

Crypto Market Making Firm for Crypto Exchanges

As a leading crypto market making firm in India, our solutions are not limited only to crypto assets. We provide market making solutions for crypto tokens as well as exchanges. We have a team of fintech, crypto experts, and arbitrage and hedge fund managers who have more than two decades of experience in market making for companies’ stocks. Our experienced team utilizes different strategies with expertise to provide crypto market making solutions for crypto tokens and exchanges.

There is a number of crypto exchange development company in india providing token trading to investors. However, to increase the number of investors as well as more token listings, your exchange needs the expert guidance & robust solution of a crypto market-making company.