Liquidity & Trading Services

PlatinX works as liquidity  & Trading Services provider and infrastructure operator across the DeFi ecosystem. PlatinX uses the in-house software to facilitate trading on illiquid crypto or trading pairs through automated market maker.

We work with Decentralised Apps and Token Issuers to provide DeFi Liquidity and Trading service. The DeFi ecosystem comprises an expansive network of financial instruments such as Banking, payments & insurance, Lending and borrowing, stablecoins etc.
DeFi is an opportunity for Finance service providers to move into the decentralised world and give the benefit of advancements to their clients. With DeFi, investors gain complete ownership of their assets and trade them in a transparent environment. This gives DeFi the potential to aid millions of unbanked people. The world where interference of banks and regulatory authorities is minimal and there is even wider reach with reduce interest rates is bringing more and DeFi token providers.
New tokens struggle with low liquidity and small trading volume. PlatinX Technology helps with DeFi Liquidity and Trading Services to overcome the liquidity issues and gain investors.

Liquidity & Trading Services

The Project work for DeFi Liquidity and Trading is done in three key areas –

  • 1. Token Launch Liquidity
  • 2. Market Liquidity
  • 3. Treasury Management

Services provided for DeFi Liquidity and Trading by PlatinX –

  • 1. Cross exchange price parity for token issuers
  • 2. Infrastructure build-up for deploying capital & transact across DeFi
  • 3. Arbitrage solutions & Liquidity provisioning for Decentralised exchanges and DeFi apps
  • 4. Hedging activities

How to earn Yield?

DeFi opened a world of possibilities. Now you can deposit tokens with hedge funds, earn interest with lending protocols and even mint stablecoins by depositing collateral to the makers.

What is a liquidity Pool?

Liquidity pools are automated market makers, built on smart contract, where you can deposit tokens in exchange you get returns. When a pool is created, the initial balance of each token is zero and someone should seed it with an initial deposit of each token to begin trading. The first liquidity provider sets the initial price of the pool.

Why is DeFi Liquidity Pool needed?

Liquidity & Trading Services pools facilitate trading with automatic participation and administrative functions that market makers in traditional financial markets spend significant time and resources on. Liquidity pools helps investors become market makers in a trust-less manner. Traditionally to become market maker you should have huge capital reserves, however with DeFi anyone can be a market maker and enhance liquidity of a token.

How you can gain through PlatinX Technology DeFi liquidity services

We provide services to give you access to new liquidity products enabling buying power and interest bearing accounts. We empower investors to gain access to deep liquidity and earn interests. Our services include –

    • 1. Instant access to a global network of deep liquidity
    • 2. Earn interests on collateral deposits in liquidity pools
    • 3. Managed Liquidity solutions with 24*7 support
    • 4. Customizable order book depth and threshold to independently price orders.
  • 5. Advance Risk Management Tools