Crypto Exchange Development Company

Get a unique, advanced and user-friendly crypto platform with our Crypto Exchange Development Company

Crypto assets have taken over the world by a storm. Their secure, economical and user-friendly access have made them increasingly popular. Today there are more than 12000 crypto assets with many more to come. Moreover, they are considered as the best investment options too because of the high returns in short durations. Therefore, the rise in the crypto assets gave the opportunity for companies/start-ups to launch decentralised or centralised Crypto exchanges to give users easy access.

There is a growing demand of crypto asset exchange software development and PlatinX Technology is fulfilling this demand through expertise, knowledge and focused approach. The time to get in the crypto exchange services is right now.

Crypto Exchange Development Services

Take the advantage with our Exchange Development Company

There are a large number of crypto exchanges already, with many more start-ups looking to develop their own platform for crypto trading. It is paramount in this competitive atmosphere to get the latest technology and highest services to gain the competitive edge and lead the way. With PlatinX Technology’s Exchange Development Company you get market-ready solutions with ready to deploy backend and easy to customise front-end solutions. We specialise in building custom exchange platforms from ground up.

Some of the features of our Crypto exchange development –

  • 1. Advance Trading functionalities with High Trading per second transaction focus. Speed is what every investor wants and we provide processing of up to 100,000 transactions per second.
  • 2. Decentralised as well as centralised platform development
  • 3. Our software provides services with minimum latency with built-in order types features too.
  • 4. Two-way authentication with advanced security features
  • 5. API Integrations to provide easy access to liquidity providers with external exchanges assimilation
  • 6. Support for multiple fiat as well as crypto tokens, coins too
  • 7. In-build geographical variations in terms of data verification.
  • 8. We are living in a global world therefore multiple language support is mandatory and we take great care in providing that.
  • 9. Availability of advance charts functionality with metrics and comparative analytics
  • 10. Staking is very popular option and exchanges provide this functionality to earn lucrative rewards

Security is an integral part of the success of any exchange. We provide institutional grade security features with our Crypto Exchange Development Company–

  • • HTTP Authentication
  • • Data Encrytption
  • • Jail Login
  • • Anti-Denial of Service
  • • Cross-Site Request Forgery
  • • Server-Side Request Forgery