HFT and Quant Trading Software

Crypto HFT and Quant Trading is the widely used strategy in the Crypto race

High frequency Trading or HFT strategy is used by PlatinX to transact large number of orders in fractions of seconds. Our Program uses complex algorithms with predefined trading decision programmed in them by our team of experienced traders who have a comprehensive understanding of the market behaviour. The program uses real-time data feed through API integrations and automate the process of order submission and order management.

Some of the benefits of PlatinX HFT trading –

  • • Liquidity
  • • Lower Volatility
  • • Advantage of small spread

Backed by an expert team of Crypto HFT and Quant Traders, PlatinX gives you the best in crypto trading

Crypto HFT and Quant Trading is becoming increasingly popular among individual investors. Our Quant Trading strategy utilises mathematical functions and automated trading models to make trading decision. Back-tested data is utilised in an optimal way with elimination of emotional decision, to identify opportunities for profit. PlatinX highly adapts its marketing strategy once the market conditions change.