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Reinvigorate your business with our ICO Development and Promotion Solutions

An ICO is a popular fundraising method for new crypto assets as well as for established ones. In the Initial Coin Offering, you can raise funds for Blockchain based project through selling digital assets. This is a complex process and involves selling particular digital asset you are to use on special listing. Therefore, to gather funds either you can develop crowdfunding yourself or use an ICO Services company.

Initial Coin Offering can be Private or Public

Private ICO – As the name suggests it is a private ICO with only approved high net worth individuals or institutions can participate in it.

Public ICO – Everyone can participate in this ICO as an investor. But these are less popular compared to private offerings

ICO Development & Promotion Solutions

PlatinX Technology ICO Development & Promotion Company

Our experts work relentlessly to strengthen and expedite the ICO process by utilising deep domain knowledge and Blockchain expertise. As an established Crypto Solutions company we provide solutions and services from idea stage to the completion stage. Our ICO development solutions include –

  • 1. White Paper Creation
  • 2. Road Map Creation
  • 3. Landing Page Design
  • 4. Token or Coin Development
  • 5. Smart Contract Set-Up
  • 6. ICO Fundraising Dashboard
  • 7. Legal Risk and Compliance Services
  • 8. Press Release
  • 9. Multi-channel Marketing
  • 10. Listing Services

Innovative solutions to support start-ups through ICO Promotion Services

PlatinX Technology is in the ICO & Token Development space for years and we have noticed that despite the best technology used, values offered, what an ICO needs to be successful is ICO Promotion/Marketing services. If, not enough promotion is done for your ICO then the chances for its success is reduced by a great margin. Therefore, we utilized our industry knowledge and years of experience to create an experts’ team for ICO Promotion services.

ICO or Initial Coin Offering is mainly to raise funds for your new digital assets venture. Successful ICO means success in gaining funds by distributing your tokens therefore ICO marketing is also an important part of your crypto journey.  An ICO Promotion company will help you reach your targeted token sales.

Since the Crypto assets ecosystem is a whole new game, not any marketing agency can do ICO marketing. Your token needs specialized crypto ICO Promotion Company to use their expertise and knowledge of the crypto ecosystem to help promote your token sale.

PlatinX Technology is a leading crypto ICO Promotion Company in India to help market your tokens by tapping the right target audience and giving it a professional touch.

Private or Public ICO Promotion with the leading ICO Promotion Company – PlatinX Technology


ICO’s can be public or private. Both ICO needs different approach and promotion strategies. PlatinX Technology has experience, the team and the necessary industry connections to give your ICO the focused marketing guidance it needs. We are expert crypto ICO promotion company in India which provides marketing strategies that are necessary to gain edge in this competitive crypto world.

Our ICO Promotion Services include –

  • Pitch Deck
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Press Release Management
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Affliate Marketing
  • Content Development
  • Community Management
  • AirDrops, Referral Programs Marketing