NFT Development Services

We help you launch your own distinguishable NFT Development Services (non-fungible token) with PlatinX Technology

PlatinX Technology helps you create your own NFT platform with robust technology with high customisation freedom through our NFT development services. You can become the front-runner in the NFT marketplace with the guidance and expertise of the leading NFT development services company, PlatinX Technology.

Features of Non-Fungible Tokens –

  • • Tradability
  • • Scarcity
  • • Indivisible
  • • Standardization
NFT Development Services

Growing NFT Marketplace

NFT or non-fungible tokens are unique with each having its own digital signature. Think about the famous painting of Van Gogh. You can easily get a hand on the colour print of that painting but the original painting will always be unique and only one print available in the whole world. Similarly, you can get copy of any digital art, NFT but there would be only one unique, original image available. You can be an owner of that NFT through Smart Contract.

Year 2021 was the year of NFTs and they gained huge popularity due to the ability to create, sell and exchange various digital items etc. They also give artists or creators the option to earn royalties directly each time a sale is made. These are reliable tokens as each NFT has an owner and that information is publically verifiable. Owners can hold NFT however long they want to secure an asset in a wallet or some place in the real world.

Key factors through which NFT Marketplaces work –

  • • Crypto Wallets
  • • Auctions and Sales
  • • Smart Contracts
  • • Cost of Operation

Our Non-Fungible Token Development Services include –

  • • Utility-based NFT marketplace
  • • NFT multiverse platform development
  • • Play to Earn NFT games
  • • Fractionalised NFT
  • • NFT Development Platform
  • • NFT Marketplace
  • • NFT Exchange
  • • NFT Lending Platform
  • • P2P Exchange for NFTs

Why you should get NFT Marketplace Development Services from PlatinX Technology –

  • • Experts team with geniuses from Blockchain technology, crypto assets and computer programming with in-depth knowledge of protocols and standards.
  • • We have worked with multiple blockchain and not dependent on any single platform for NFT development.
  • • Focussed, Agile & Quick development process with commitment to provide on-time delivery of continually tested NFTs.
  • • Highly experienced and dedicated Development team.
  • • Project based model and software specialists help in customer collaboration and specific client project engagement.

Enter the exciting world of NFT’s with NFT Development Services

Non-Fungible Tokens have taken over the world and companies are lining up to enter this new, highly growing crypto space. Whether you want to launch your own NFT, NFT Development, NFT Marketplace Development or Smart Contract creation, PlatinX Technology has got you covered. We are one of the fastest-growing NFT development company in India with a wide range of services and crypto solutions.

PlatinX Technology has a team of developers/programmers and graphic designers that leverage their decades of combined experience in crypto & Blockchain technology to give you the innovative & cutting-edge NFT Development Services.

Wide Range of NFT Development Services by PlatinX Technology

PlatinX Technology is a reputed NFT Development Company in India with years of experience in Blockchain, DeFi and Crypto token development. We help businesses transform to digital world or create sales through NFTs by giving them the necessary back-end and front-end operational programs. You can represent any tangible product ownership through NFTs and create a business too.

Our NFT Development Services include –

  • NFT for Arts/Music/Games & Real Estate
  • NFT Exchange Development
  • NFT Marketplace Development
  • NFT Smart Contracts