P2P Crypto Exchange Development

Get a secure, advanced P2P Crypto Exchange Development with expert guidance from PlatinX Technology

P2P Crypto Exchange

As per changing times there are demands of specialised P2P decentralised exchanges where trading can take place directly between buyer and seller without the involvement of any third party. Transactions without intermediaries are faster, economical and transparent.

Recently there has been rise of Peer to Peer platforms where traders display their commercial ads on a website and register them for other traders. They specify the name of the currency, amount and its price so that transaction is formed directly. These platforms are executed by pre-programmed software thereby requiring no human supervision. This helps in reducing costs and increasing speed too.

P2P Crypto Exchange Development

PlatinX Technology develops a trusted P2P Crypto Exchange Development script that enhances your trading experience with direct buying & selling of crypto assets. We provide various payment method integrations to pay the funds of traders. No boundaries such as time boundary or geographical boundaries or even language barriers would hamper your trading platform.

Features of PlatinX Technology – P2P Crypto Exchange Software Development Company 

  • • Multiple Payment Options
  • • Escrow Binded Services
  • • Automated Transactions
  • • Multi-factor Authentication
  • • Great User Interface
  • • Transparent and Private Transactions
  • • Hassle free crypto swapping
  • • Real-Time Data
  • • Instant Profile Verification Access
  • • Multiple Language and Digital Assets Integration
  • • Fastest way to Trade

Some of the security features of our P2P Crypto Exchange Platform –

  • • Two-factor Authentication
  • • Multi-sig Wallet Integration
  • • Secure Wallet Storage (Hot & Cold)
  • • HTTPs Authentication
  • • Registry Lock
  • • Secure Data Encryption
  • • Personal Details Verification
  • • Anti-Denial of Service (DoS)

P2P Crypto Exchange Development Services at PlatinX Technology

We utilise our expertise and trained professionals of blockchain technology to provide a completely decentralised exchange. Our exchange works directly without the interference of any third-party. Our platform is built utilising Smart Contract based Escrow option to foster guaranteed crypto transactions. Our process which is highly innovative and focussed includes –

  • 1. Analysing client requirements
  • 2. Blueprint Phase
  • 3. UI/UX Designing
  • 4. Development/Programming
  • 5. Testing
  • 6. Deployment
  • 7. Technical Support


P2P Crypto Exchange with PlatinX Technology

We provide Peer-to-Peer exchange development to provide secure, private & direct transactions without the interference of intermediary. PlatinX Technology is one of the most reputed P2P Crypto Exchange Development Company in India. We utilize our years of Blockchain expertise to provide a P2P platform enabled by Blockchain technology & Smart Contracts. Our P2P Exchange Development services include escrow payment system to create a trustworthy transaction environment.

Launch Your P2P Crypto Exchange Today

The crypto world is growing and with that there is a growing need of independent, reliable, secure platforms for trading crypto assets. There are currently many exchanges in the trading world however to provide better services and to gain edge over competitors you need a specialized platform that can cater to the growing needs of crypto and be different in product or services offerings. We as leading P2P Exchange Development Company in India can do that with our focus, expertly guided approach. Use the power of P2P trading and the expert guidance of PlatinX Technology to give the best the world has to offer.

A Broad outline of our P2P Crypto Exchange Development Company in India

  1. Users register on the P2P Crypto Exchange
  2. They undergo registration process, KYC verification, Fiat Payment etc
  3. Buyer places an order, a quantity at buy price
  4. The exchange matches it will a seller
  5. Seller agrees to sell same quantity at ask price
  6. Smart contract conditions are met & executed
  7. Buyer releases the money that is placed in Escrow
  8. Seller releases the order that is placed in Escrow
  9. Escrow releases the order to buyer and money to seller
  10. Trade is done!