Prop Desk Management Services through PlatinX Crypto Algo Trading Software

PlatinX is a leading Crypto Algo Software development company that aids financial institutions and firms in Prop desk management with an effortless ease. Prop desk is when a trading desk at a brokerage firm, investment bank, hedge fund or any financial institution or other liquidity source uses the firm’s capital and balance sheet to conduct financial transactions in order to promote themselves and widen their portfolio. These trades are usually based on speculation and they are executed through a variety of derivatives or other complex investment vehicles. PlatinX Crypto Algo Trading Software aids financial institutions and companies that are interested in prop desk trading but lack experience or want to reduce human intervention in decision-making. Automated software takes into account the algorithm and past data, which reduces human intervention in trading decision-making. It makes the management as well as execution of crypto trading effective and seamless. The PlatinX Algo Trading Software is made using the highly sophisticated block chain technology. It is not just an amalgamation of automation of ideas with reduced human intervention, but also comes with faster execution, back testing support ,automatic report generation and many such features.

Crypto Asset Exchanges Developer

The coming of age features of PlatinX Algo Trading software makes it the obvious first choice of brokerage firms, investment companies, financial institutions, wanting to augment their financial portfolio and venture into the crypto ecosystem but lack experience.

Diverse Business Domains we cater to

  • ● Brokerage Firms
  • ● Financial Institutions
  • ● Banks
  • ● Investment Banking Firms
  • ● Family owned business houses
  • ● Any other kinds of businesses

Features of the PlatinX Algo Trading Software that aid in Prop desk management

  • ● Execution of large orders made easy through advanced programming of execution instructions
  • ● Simultaneous and well synchronised trading across multiple exchanges
  • ● Well encrypted API Keys
  • ● Automated re-balancing of crypto portfolios with liquidity management
  • ● Possibility of Arbitrage trading across multiple exchanges
  • ● Automated and robust Crypto market-making services
  • ● Limited Human intervention