STO Development Services

STO development services – Security Token Offering to amplify funding for your ventures

PlatinX Technology provides STO development services to build an STO ecosystem which attracts investors and offer security tokens in a regulatory and compliance framework. Our STO experts have in-depth knowledge and decades to experience to develop a customised platform for our clients to start their STO offerings.

Security tokens are similar to digital assets only they are backed by tangible and tradable assets. When we tokenise any asset such as gold or land, then we create security tokens. It is a secure way to attract investors towards their own projects. These tokens give certain rights to investors such as voting rights or buy-back rights to build the trust of investors. these are subjected to compliance and regulatory authority’s regulations therefore they are more credible to investors.

STO Development Services

Different types of Security Tokens

  • 1. Equity Token – It represents ownership in business or project
  • 2. Debt Token – This represents guaranteed payback of profits, assets or shares
  • 3. Asset-backed Token – This represent rights over tangible or physical assets
  • 4. Utility Token – These are the means to bring funds for development of the project

STO Development Services by PlatinX Technology

Being the pioneer in Security token offerings, we have helped lots of projects to develop STO services. We have an expert team of Blockchain, crypto and Fin-Tech experts as well as a legal team which goes through every STO project right from start to end. For new token issuers we provide an array of services to ensure the stability and growth of the project.

Security token offering allow assets to be easily liquefied instantly which is not possible in case of ICO. STO is supervised by FINRA and it also qualifies the investment contract regulations determined by the Howey Test.

Amplify funding for your crypto project with the best STO Development Company in India


STO is the future of fundraising and it can be successfully achieved through strategic and forward-thinking support of the best STO Development Company in India. PlatinX Technology provides guided, focused and knowledgeable approach to your security token offering. Our years of experience and an expert team of crypto & blockchain geniuses combined with legal and marketing team, gives you the best support & framework to fulfill your vision and sustain your token growth.

Why STO Development Services?

Security Token Offerings are in high demand due to the lower upfront investment, being regulated by a governing body and fractional offerings. In STO, the company offers tangible securities backed by the company’s assets, similar to traditional securities. STO is supervised by FINRA. This is the reason why there is more demand of STO Development Company because of the higher success of STO launches.

Types of STO Development Services by PlatinX Technology

We are one of the most reputed STO Development Companies in India because of our commitment to work excellence and innovative offerings with the experienced translation of visions into reality. We know what our client needs and what is best for them according to the latest trends & technological updates. We strive to become the best STO Development Company with our range of services and customized crypto solutions –

  • Equity Tokens – Drive your STO fundraising with Equity token creation from PlatinX Technology’s expert equity & crypto team.
  • Asset Tokens – Capture market interest and capitalize your project through Asset-backed tokens,
  • Debt Tokens – For those willing to take low risk, debt token is the way to capture that audience and succeed in raising funds for your STO.