Strong Order Book management

Order Books have become popular in crypto asset too. Some of the components of Strong order book are –

  • 1. Buyer/Seller
  • 2. Bid and Ask
  • 3. Individual bids/ Prices
  • 4. Total

Apart from traditional market making, PlatinX offers Strong Order Book where order books from several trades are agglomerated to intensify liquidity and constrict spreads. This is helpful in maintaining liquidity of a specific exchange or make sure that it is regular across multiple exchanges. With this some other strategies are employed such as spot implementation and ideal trade implementation in which market makers shift a considerable amount of crypto assets along with reduction in market disruption.


PlatinX provides the service of Strong Order Book for Institutional clients as well, where clients can see the buy and sell price in real-time with detail market trends and dynamics to make informed decisions.
Instant market updates can be matched automatically with trader’s preference through our in-house order book software. You want to enter crypto market, understand the market dynamics, movement, crypto health, all of this is possible through PlatinX’s Strong order book.